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About Muthoni


Who I Am

My life began to change when I decided that I wanted inner peace, clarity, self-acceptance, great relationships, and life success.  I wanted to be in control of my mind, emotions, and overall well-being.

I aspired to lead a life that reflected my true self and aligned with my life goals.

Growing up, I had adopted limited beliefs that you could not change yourself and that you simply had to accept self-defeating thoughts and unfulfilling life circumstances.  I was mistaken!

You can transform yourself and be the person that you aspire to be and create the life that you envision!

I became intentional about finding ways to live a more purposeful and rewarding life, and I got it.  I realized that limitations and barriers were largely constructs of the mind, and that the journey towards a fulfilling life is open to those who are willing to put in the effort, learn, adapt, and persist.  My life transformed from ‘simply going through life’s motions’ to feeling alive and redirecting life in the way that I purpose!  

My personal and professional experiences in the Military, HR Corporate, and Coaching programs have all shaped me as a Coach to do this impactful and fulfilling work of inspiring change in others.

Let's rethink life, understand who we are and create fulfilling and impactful lives!

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Life Coach

Founder, Anza Coaching

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YOU are the possibility!
- Muthoni

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